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Living The Dream
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You Choose your reaction and what kind of day you have.  Make it a Special Day
You may not always be able to choose what happens to us in life.  However, we can choose how we precieve it and how we react to it.  That choice is a great step in becoming a happier person.

You also get to choose how you react to or treat people.  Practice a random act of kindness today!  It can be something very small, like smiling at a stranger who may be stressed.  It can be as simple as paying for the car behind you in a drive through.  I prefer Anonymous Random Acts of Kindness, but all are GREAT!! 
Living The Dream
Living the dream can mean vastly different things to different people.   What may be success to one person, may be a stepping stone to another person.   

You first have to decide what you want.  Then you can look for the blueprints from those who have achieved what you consider to be success.

Next set goals and milestones to acheive your version of LIVING THE DREAM :-)